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How to upgrade your FREE hosting account

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to upgrade your FREE hosting account.
2. First, go to our website. (
3. In Member Area, login with your email and password. We'll hide password for security reasons.
4. In DASHBOARD, find your hosting account and click Manage.
5. Here is your current package - free. To upgrade it click green Upgrade button.
6. You can choose your new package here. When you've chosen one click Order below.
7. Let's choose Gold.
8. You'll be taken to payment submission page.
9. First, choose the period you want Gold package to be active.
10. Then you should choose from when you want your package to be active.
11. You can choose Right now, which means your package will activate after your finish paying.
12. By the end of current package period - after your FREE package runs out of time, (6 months) your new package will activate then.
13. At the start of new month - your package will activate at the starting dates of the new month. Mostly in first, second or third date.
14. Let's choose the second one. By the end of current package period.
15. Finally, you should select payment option. You can pay from m9host account balance, it will be displayed in brackets.
16. Second option is the easiest payment system all over the world - PayPal.
17. Third option is paying from bank - Cartubank.
18. When you finish choosing payment options, click Submit to finalize payment or click Cancel to go back to m9host account.
19. We've chosen PayPal, so we'll be taken to paypal's website.
20. There is our package we've ordered and it's cost. Now you can perform an easy payment from here using your credit card.