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How to add sub-domain using cPanel

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add sub-domain using cPanel.
2. First, go to
3. Login with your username and password.
4. Scroll down and click Subdomains.
5. First, enter your subdomain
6. When you switch to next field, value will be added automatically. Leave it as it will be.
7. Finally, click Create.
8. Now go to cPanel's home page.
9. Click File Manager.
10. Select Web Root and click Go.
11. We're in public_html folder. System told us that it will create a directory called default. There it is
12. Enter there.
13. Let's create a file and check whether it's working.
14. Click New file.
15. Enter your file name. For example: index.html
16. Click Create New File.
17. Our file has been created. So now select it and click Edit. Let's place some default text there.
18. Make sure utf-8 is selected and click Edit.
19. You can start working on your design or enter anything you want here. We'll add some default text just to make sure it works.
20. When you're done click Save Changes
21. Now go to
22. It should work very well.