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How to register domain name and create an account in

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add your domain and create an account in m9host.
2. First, go to our homepage. (
3. In find your domain content click View All.
4. First of all, check whether your domain is available. Enter it's name.
5. Now decide, what should be your domain name. (.com, .net, .org, etc.)
6. When you're ready click Search Now.
7. All domains are available. Let's register Click register $11.99
8. If you have m9host account click I have M9-Host account, otherwise click I'm a new client.
9. Let's sign up on m9host.
10. You should fill out all fields.
11. When you're done click Create an Account.
12. You'll be taken to your m9host account.
13. Here you can check your balance, submit payment, and check what is your account ID.
14. Now we haven't payed yet for Go to DOMAINS.
15. Click your domain.
16. You can pay any time you want. There are several payment options. To check it our click Pay ($11.99).
17. You can select period. 1 Year service costs $11.99. 2 Year $23.98 and so on.
18. Then select payment method. You can pay from balance, with PayPal or Cartubank. If you have money on balance you easily pay from there
19. Another easy way is to pay with PayPal. This is the most popular payment service.
20. After your select period and payment method click Pay.
21. If you select PayPal, you will be taken to it's website. You can perform a payment easily from there.