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How to manage redirections using cPanel

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to manage redirections. 2. First, go to 3. Login with your username and password. 4. Scroll down and click Redirects. 5. First choose redirection type. Permanent will always redirect and Temporar - for certain amount of time. Lets choose Permanent 6. Then select which page or subdomain will be redirected. (From). Let's choose our sub-domain. 7. If you leave this field blank, everyone who enters this sub-domain's any page will be redirected. You can enter specific page name (Ex:test.html) 8. Now you should enter where users will be redirected after they go to 9. Let's redirect them to main page. ( 10. Now select when you want users to be redirected. With www, without it or with or without it. 11. When you're done click Add. 12. Now go and check if it really redirects. 13. It should redirect to as we've entered. This option is permanent so any time users will be redirected here.