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How to send and then check if you recieved an email using cPanel

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to send and then check if you received an email using cPanel.
2. First, you need to go to
3. Login with your username and password.
4. Click Email Accounts.
5. Choose account you want to access. Click More and then Access Webmail.
6. Before accessing, you'll need to login again with your username and password.
7. Select your email client. We'll use roundcube.
8. Once you're there. Click the second icon, which means new message.
9. Enter email address where you want to send message. We'll use gmail and then check.
10. Then enter your message subject.
11. Now enter message text.
12. When you're done click the second icon, which means Send.
13. Now let's check whether we've recieved it on gmail (where we've sent message).
14. This is it. The first one.
15. Text and title are fine.
16. Now we'll reply and check whether we recieve a message.
17. Enter your reply text.
18. When you're done click Send.
19. Go back to your email and check whether you've recieved message.
20. Click the first icon to refresh, check for messages.
21. There will be our reply message.
22. Double click on it to view.