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How to enter in your affiliate user area

1. After your mail is sent, go to your email client's website to check and approve it. In our case google mail. (
2. There is the approval message. Click it to open.
3. There are your login details, username and password.
4. You can now enter your affiliate account. Click the link below.
5. Enter your login details there.
6. If you check remember me, this means you'll be kept logged in. Click LOGIN to enter.
7. There is your affiliate program control panel.
8. There you can check your balance or logout.
9. Settings can be easily changed and money Withdrawal can be easily done, we'll make small tutorials then.
10. You can check your hosting sales, which can be found in left navigation.
11. At first, your page will be blank because currently no one has registred their hosting on m9host using hosting code on your site.
12. This is because we haven't inserted the code yet.
13. Hosing Code can be found in left navigation.
14. You can select the design you like, and in our next tutorial, we'll show you how to add hosting code on your website.