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How to insert affiliate hosting code on your website

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to insert hosting code on your website.
2. First of all go to affiliate login page:
3. Login with your affiliate email and password.
4. Click Hosting Code in left menu.
5. Choose the design which will fit best your website and copy the code placed above.
6. Now go to (Which you've entered in Site field during affiliate registration)
7. Login with your username and password. We'll hide username for security reasons.
8. Once you've logged in, click File Manager.
9. Make sure Web Root is selected and click Go.
10. We'll now show you where we'll insert hosting code.
11. We have a special file web_hosting.html, where there's only one page content. We'll now open it and then show which content is displayed there.
12. This is the content of web hosting page.
13. We'll open new tab and go to our homepage.
14. If you click WEB HOSTING in top menu, contents will be shown from web_hosting.html
15. This is the content.
16. As you can see these texts are the same. (We'll insert hosting code below this text) So let's paste our hosting code at the end of the page.
17. This is it. Click Save Changes now.
18. Now let's check. Go to your homepage.
19. Refresh the page.
20. Code is working. Now we can make it look better. Remove scroll and change width.
21. Reduce height and add code - scrolling="no".
22. Click Save Changes.
23. Your hosting design should look better now.
24. When users click Details of their chosen hosting package, they'll be redirected to our website ( and read more information about their package.
25. In our next tutorial, we'll register from website and show you how to check registred users who've used your hosting code.