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How to add domain (by "Addon Domains") using cPanel

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add domain using cPanel.
2. First, go to
3. Login with your username and password.
4. Scroll down and click Addon Domains
5. If your hosting has addon domain support, this means that you can place domains in one hosting website. Number depends on how much of them it supports.
6. In the first field, enter your domain name. For example
7. When you switch to next field, it will give values automatically to FTP Username and Document Root.
8. Document Root is folder where your domain files should be placed. Now enter your password.
9. More strength password has, more protected you are. When you're done click Add Domain.
10. To check whether folder really was created and works, click File Manager.
11. This is your default public_html folder and there it is.
12. Enter there.
13. cgi-bin folder has been created, this means that you can start working in this folder now.