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How to add new table, fields and insert row in phpMyAdmin using cPanel

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add new table, fields and then insert some values.
2. First, go to yourdomain:2082
3. Login with your username and password.
4. Scroll down and click phpMyAdmin
5. Click Database you want access.
6. There are no tables in this database so click Create table.
7. In first field, enter your table name.
8. Now lets add fields.
9. In first column enter for example id.
10. If you definitely know that this field value will be numeric, then select INT, otherwise you can choose TEXT. id will always be numeric. (INT)
11. Check box AUTO_INCREMENT. This means that each value will go from 0 to infinite automatically.
12. In second field, let's enter 'name' for example.
13. Name doesn't contain only numbers, so let's choose text.
14. When you're done click Save or add as many fields as you like.
15. Your table has been created with it's fields.
16. Let's add some default value for field called name. Click Insert.
17. You can leave id field blank, because it has auto_increment value and will set it as 1. If you add another it will set 2 and so on.
18. In name, you can enter anything you like.
19. When you're done click Go.
20. Click Browse to view your rows.
21. This is it. As we've said id is set to 1 and name as we've entered. You can easily edit or delete this row.